Roz Savage gave up her life as a management consultant to row across the Atlantic in 2005. Her mission now is to row across the Pacific, from the West Coast to Australia, raising awareness along the way of plastic pollution, climate change and eco-heroism.

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A latecomer to the life of adventure, Roz Savage worked as a management consultant for 11 years before setting out in a new life direction -- in a rowboat across the Atlantic Ocean. She completed her solo row across the Atlantic in 2005 and is now on a mission be the first woman to row solo across the Pacific, from the West Coast of the US to Australia. She began the pursuit in 2008, rowing from California to Hawaii, and rowed from Hawaii to Kiribati in 2009. In April 2010 she began the third and final stage of her Pacific row, from Kiribati to Australia.

When not on the open seas, Roz is a passionate environmental campaigner, focused on sustainability and ending plastic pollution. She's working on the new site, where everyday acts of environmental heroism (as simple as refusing a plastic carrier bag) can be tracked and celebrated.

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“I find Roz an exceptional woman who is leading an exceptional life: she is brave, strong, and was not afraid to turn her life upside down.” —

Roz Savage’s TED talk

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Rowing the Pacific: Q&A with Roz Savage

April 29, 2010

Roz Savage has just begun the third and final leg of her epic solo row across the Pacific. Yesterday we posted Roz’s TEDTalk from Mission Blue Voyage, where she attempts to answer the question: Why? In this email interview with the TED Blog, completed just days before she set out from Kiribati to row to […]

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