Rosalind Picard

Scientist, inventor, entrepreneur
MIT Professor Rosalind Picard invents technologies that help people better understand emotion and behaviors that impact human health.

Why you should listen

Rosalind Picard wrote Affective Computing, a book that outlines how to give machines the skills of emotional intelligence, credited for launching the growing field of affective computing. Named one of seven "Tech SuperHeros to Watch" by CNN, Picard cofounded two companies that have commercialized technologies invented by her team at MIT: Empatica, which created the first AI-based smartwatch cleared by FDA in Neurology, and Affectiva, which provides emotion AI software. Picard teaches and leads research in affective computing at the MIT Media Lab in Cambridge; works as MIT's faculty chair for MindHandHeart, a campus-wide wellbeing initiative; and serves as chief scientist for Empatica, creating AI-based analytics and wearables to improve human wellbeing.

What others say

“Roz Picard shares an engaging personal story of scientific discovery that is already impacting human lives -- a wonderful TED Talk!” — Tom Gruber

Rosalind Picard’s TED talk