Romina Libster

Medical researcher
Dr. Romina Libster investigates influenza and other respiratory viruses, searching for ways to most effectively keep viruses from spreading.

Why you should listen

Dr. Romina Libster is a staff scientist and assistant investigator at the National Scientific and Technical Research Council, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She received her Doctor of Medicine, with High Honors from the University Of Buenos Aires School Of Medicine in 2004. She then completed her pediatric internship and residency at the “Pedro de Elizalde” Children’s Hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 2004-2008. Upon completion of this training she began her Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship at the Fundación INFANT in Buenos Aires under the tutelage of a renowned investigator, Dr. Fernando P. Polack. Shortly after assuming her fellowship position, she began the Master in Clinical Effectiveness Program in Buenos Aires. She conducted a series of complex and innovative studies on respiratory viruses, with a special focus on influenza. Romina was invited by Dr. Kathryn M. Edwards to join the Vanderbilt Vaccine Research Program team at Vanderbilt University in 2009 where she is  leading a large clinical trial to determine the safety and immunogenicity of sequential rotavirus vaccine schedules. In 2013, Dr. Libster returned to her home country through a repatriation program from Fundación INFANT where she joined the faculty at the institution.

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