Rohan Pavuluri

Civil rights entrepreneur
Rohan Pavuluri helps American families navigate an increasingly complex and expensive legal system.

Why you should listen

TED Fellow Rohan Pavuluri is the founder of Upsolve, a nonprofit that empowers low-income and working-class families to overcome financial distress and legal complexity by providing free education, community and technology. To date, Upsolve has relieved over 350 million dollars in debt for families suffering from medical bills, layoffs and predatory loans. Pavuluri is also an advocate for increasing access to justice for low-income families by simplifying courts and reforming rules that limit who can provide legal assistance. He serves as a member of the Emerging Leaders Council of the Legal Services Corporation, which gives out 400 million dollars each year to fund civil legal services, and as a board director of the National Center for Access to Justice.

Rohan Pavuluri’s TED talk