Roger Stein wants to bring financial engineering to the world of drug funding.

Why you should listen

Roger Stein is a senior lecturer in finance at MIT's Sloan School of Management and a research affiliate at the MIT Laboratory for Financial Engineering. He is also the former chief analytics officer at State Street Global Exchange. He has been working in risk modeling and financial prediction for almost 25 years; his products and services are used widely in industry and have become benchmarks in banking and finance. With MIT colleagues, he is currently collaborating on a new model that uses modern risk management methods and financial engineering techniques to change the way new drug research is funded.

Previously he was managing director of research and academic relations globally for Moody’s Corporation, and prior to that was president of Moody’s Research Labs. He has a Ph.D. from New York University, has coauthored two full-length texts on applied analytics, and has written more than 50 academic articles and papers. He has also been practicing Aikido since 1980.

What others say

“Although the odds of any single medical innovation succeeding are low, the chance that one of them will is high. Scale and diversity should minimize risks.” — The Economist

Roger Stein’s TED talk