Rodin Lyasoff makes improbable objects fly.

Why you should listen

Rodin Lyasoff is the CEO of A³, the advanced projects outpost of Airbus in Silicon Valley. A³ executes a small portfolio of high-risk, time-constrained projects. The mission of A³ is to bring together bright individuals to bravely explore ideas and technologies that will disrupt aerospace. Projects are built on rigorous analysis, fertile partnerships and commitment to unreasonable goals. Before his time at A³, Rodin created and led Project Vahana.

Rodin's career is rooted in building and leading teams and projects that execute effectively in dynamic and uncertain environments. At Rockwell Collins, he designed flight software for a number of platforms including the AAI Shadow, Alenia Sky-X and the NASA Mars Flyer. He was also an early member of Zee.Aero's engineering team and is passionate about making personal flight accessible to all.

Rodin Lyasoff’s TED talk

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