Resson Kantai Duff is the deputy director of Ewaso Lions, an organization dedicated to promoting coexistence between people and lions in northern Kenya.

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Resson Kantai Duff's works to deconstruct the narrative of conservation that pits humans against natural resources. She engages with conservation practitioners and the wider public to unpack and decolonize conservation and to give Kenyans back a sense of ownership over their wildlife, culture and land. In addition to working as deputy director of Ewaso Lions, she serves on the board of the Conservation Alliance of Kenya. She previously worked as head of awareness at Save the Elephants and as a writer and editor for the International Institute for Sustainable Development (Reporting Services). She is a Women for the Environment (WE Africa) Fellow, and was also conferred the Wild Elements Innovator award in 2021. She has a master's in biodiversity, conservation and management from the University of Oxford, and an undergraduate honors degree in zoology from the University of Nairobi.

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