Renzo Vitale

Sound geneticist, musician, acoustic engineer
Renzo Vitale explores the narrative between music, science and human perception — envisioning sonic spaces for music to evolve, for cities to sing, for people to transcend.

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Renzo Vitale is an Italian pianist, composer, sound designer, acoustic engineer and artist. His creative process involves an interrogation of the relation between music, science and human perception.

As a musician, Vitale has composed a wide spectrum of works ranging from dance theater to performative installation pieces and virtual reality experiences. His solo works focus on vulnerable states of human condition, such as the sublimity of emotional gravities and the irrational nature of disorders. As a scientist, his research encompasses architectural acoustics, psychoacoustics, vehicle acoustics and music communication.

Vitale holds a PhD in Acoustics from RWTH Aachen University, two master's degrees in electronic engineering and in piano performance as well as further studies in electronic music, composition and conducting. Previously he has been a research scholar at the Institute of Technical Acoustics in Aachen, Pratt Institute in New York and KTH in Stockholm. 

In 2015, Vitale joined the Research and Innovation Center of BMW Group as a Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) engineer. Since 2017 he designs the sounds of electric vehicles. He conceived a new generation of sounds through a novel approach that he calls "sound genetics," which defines the aesthetic space of sounds in order to generate soundscapes to enable us to envision abstract worlds and make them tangible and audible.

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