Rebecca Knill

Writer, business systems consultant manager
A writer and a part-time cyborg, Rebecca Knill embraces the humor in her bionic journey while balancing life as a deaf person with cochlear implants which enable her to hear.

Why you should listen

Rebecca Knill started writing at age six using her father's manual typewriter (he was also a writer), and she quickly developed an affinity for electronics that performed tasks more efficiently. Her first assistive listening device was an alarm clock which shook her bed frame, which Knill likened to waking up in the middle of a busy street before being run over by a Hummer. She is currently working on a book about deafness and technology, set in a real-life bionic world.

Knill has partnered with Advanced Bionics and the University of Arizona as a beta and customer experience tester for cochlear implant hardware and software development and research study participant. After a lifetime of buying shoes in the children's department, Knill (at a height of 4'9") found a niche with her small ears in testing pediatric products, most notably a waterproof processor while submerged in the bathtub.

Knill is a business systems consultant manager for Wells Fargo in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States. Previously, she held a variety of consulting and project manager roles, specializing in regulatory change and automating compliance controls since 1988. She is the author of the Church Dramas book series and hopes to write inclusive Hallmark holiday movie scripts after she retires.

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