Rebecca Collyer is the executive director of ReNew2030, a global coalition to scale the use of wind and solar energy.

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As executive director of ReNew2030 -- the European Climate Foundation’s (ECF) renewable energy initiative and a 2023 Audacious Project grantee -- Rebecca Collyer helps build, scale and mentor the development of renewables-led energy systems across the European Union and the world. She holds deep technical expertise in the role of the power sector in climate mitigation and served as one of only ten female reviewers of the International Energy Agency’s seminal “Net Zero by 2050 Scenario.” She is a member of the advisory board of think tanks AgoraEnergy and Greenmap, senior advisor to the Cruz alliance for renewable energy and co-chair of the Global Climate Action Partnership.

Collyer joined ECF in 2008 after a decade shaping energy policy in the UK and at the European Commission. Since then, she incubated the Tara Climate Foundation, a regional climate foundation in East and Southeast Asia that aims to prime the civil society infrastructure needed for a clean energy future.

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