As an emerging markets investor, Ravin Agrawal tries to predict the future, balancing economic, political and technological factors.

Why you should listen

Ravin Agrawal has drawn on his time in the US and India to bring the best of each world to the other. Born in New Jersey, he grew up between Louisiana and Kolkata before entering Harvard Business School.

Agrawal began his career as a business consultant for McKinsey & Co., helping global banks navigate the opportunities of Internet commerce. Since then, he has served as the managing director of Passport India Fund and Quantum India Fund, and today is the managing member of Corellian Capital in the San Francisco Bay area.

What others say

“Our hope is for them to become substantial, large, sustainable businesses and for us to achieve a significant return on our risk and investment.” — Ravin Agrawal

Ravin Agrawal’s TED talk