Unapologetic vaudevillians Barry Friedman and Dan Holzman — the Raspyni Brothers — have been international juggling champions, Guinness record holders, recurring guests on "The Tonight Show" and, recently, preeminent entertainers on the corporate seminar circuit.

Why you should listen

The Raspyni Brothers' inventory of international championships, TV appearances and national tours may seem a lot to juggle, but then, Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman are jugglers by trade. Their waggish humor, irresistible stage presence and "panther-like reflexes" have turned these jesters from openers into the headline act.

While the Raspynis sling their share of unique props, their trademark maneuver is (perhaps) the strategic interlude: stalling difficult, dangerous stunts with quips, asides and even deliberate mistakes. The duo's arch brand of onstage chemistry often steals the spotlight from conventional juggling showstoppers. (Though, we should mention, they won't hesitate to use torches, sickles and machetes.)

In recent years Friedman and Holzman have carved a niche on the business seminar circuit, electrifying corporate audiences with lessons on teamwork, balance, trust and -- if you happen to be the CEO -- mortal peril. Sergey Brin has remarked, "They're the Google of comedy." So, welcome to Vaudeville 2.0.

What others say

“Their show is a wild, uninhibited, fast-moving comedy revue.” — Associated Press

Raspyni Brothers’ TED talk

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