Rashad Robinson is President of Color Of Change, a leading racial justice organization with more than 1.4 million members.

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Rashad Robinson designs winning strategies to build power for Black communities. He has moved prosecutors to reduce mass incarceration and police violence. He has won net neutrality as a civil rights issue, helped change representations of race in Hollywood and moved Airbnb, Google and Facebook to implement anti-racist initiatives. He has forced over 100 corporations to abandon the ALEC, a right-wing policy shop, forced corporations to stop supporting white nationalists and injust Trump administration initiatives and forced Bill O'Reilly off the air. Robinson was among the first in a global cohort of Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity and writes a monthly column about race, politics and corporate accountability for The Guardian.

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Live from TED2020

The bill has come due for the US’s legacy of racism: Week 3 of TED2020

June 4, 2020

In response to the historic moment of mourning and anger over the ongoing violence inflicted on Black communities by police in the United States, four leaders in the movement for civil rights — Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, CEO of Center for Policing Equity; Rashad Robinson, president of Color Of Change; Dr. Bernice Albertine King, CEO […]

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Live from TED2020

Conversations on social progress: Week 3 of TED2020

June 3, 2020

For week 3 of TED2020, global leaders in technology, vulnerability research and activism gathered for urgent conversations on how to foster connection, channel energy into concrete social action and work to end systemic racism in the United States. Below, a recap of their insights. Audrey Tang, Taiwan’s digital minister for social innovation Big idea: Digital […]

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