Poet Ali has crafted a unique brand of impact and connection-driven, entertainment arts. The experience feels like a nonjudgmental conversation with a talented friend full of laughter, tears and steeped in some deep truth.

Why you should listen

Poet Ali is a compelling performer and identifiable speaker who inspires people to approach and understand their problems from unique perspectives. His performances, presentations and writing focuses on the human spirit. He pulls relatable moments from a reservoir of life experience and anecdotal story-telling. Ali's "soulosophy" is heavily based on using our gifts as catalysts for self-discovery and the facilitation of human well-being. The subjects tackled in his presentations vary, but they always relate to matters of human connectivity and the human spirit. 

Ali has been invited to share his talents on multiple national and international stages and conferencees. His 2014 TEDx Talk, "The most important language you will ever learn," has been viewed more than a million times. His client list includes names lik: Chlorox, Kind Bars, Hewlett Packard and Rachel’s Challenge. Ali is actively engaged in social justice and youth intervention through performing and speaking on school tours. Outside of his corporate workshops and seminars, he runs a creative design firm called The Poet Society. He believes part of his responsibility as a creative is to serve impact-driven brands, specializing in producing branded entertainment content for social good.

Poet Ali’s TED talk

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