Pierre Thiam shares the cuisine of his home in Senegal through global restaurants and highly praised cookbooks.

Why you should listen

Chef, restaurateur and cookbook author Pierre Thiam was born in Dakar, Senegal. He is the chief visionary officer and co-founder of Yolélé Foods Inc.

Thiam moved to New York City in the late eighties where he became a chef and opened two restaurants in Brooklyn, Yolele and Le Grand Dakar, both visionary African bistros that became culinary and cultural centers for Africans from the continent and the diaspora. Thiam is also the Executive Chef of NOK by Alara in Lagos, Nigeria.

Thiam is the author of Yolele! Recipes from the Heart of Senegal, a finalist for IACP Best First Cookbook, and of Senegal: Modern Recipes from the Source to the Bowl, nominated for the James Beard Award for Best International Cookbook.

Pierre Thiam’s TED talk

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Live from TEDGlobal 2017

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