Using software to inspire public debate and enable voter engagement, Pia Mancini hopes to upgrade modern democracy in Argentina and beyond.

Why you should listen

After a disappointing brush with traditional political parties in Argentina, Pia Mancini realized that the existing democracy was disconnected from its citizens -- and that no one was likely to fix it.
In response, Mancini helped launch Democracy OS, an open-source mobile platform designed to provide Argentine citizens with immediate input into the legislative process. To promote it, she helped found the Partido de la Red, a new party running candidates committed to legislate only as directed by constituents using online tools for participation.

What others say

“[Partido de la Red] are a party of the present, looking to the future, who believe in using the tools of today - the internet and other technology – to radically change the current political system.” — The Daily Beast, 2014

Pia Mancini’s TED talk

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