Phil Plait has spent his life evangelizing science, getting the word out about the real world and how we know what we know about it.

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After spending a decade working on Hubble Space Telescope data and promoting science from a half dozen different NASA astronomical satellites, Phil Plait has gained a unique perspective on science and how the public understands it. He's written books on scientific misconceptions, cosmic catastrophes and even a collection of satirical nerd insults, each showcasing his passion for science as well as his sense of humor. His popular blog, Bad Astronomy -- hosted at different times by Discover Magazine and Slate, and now at SYFY Wire -- covers a lot of ground, from interesting scientific events here on Earth all the way out to the edge of the observable universe. He's given talks about science (and its nemesis, anti-science) around the world, has appeared in dozens of TV shows (including writing and hosting Crash Course Astronomy, a 46-part introduction to astronomy on YouTube). He lives in rural Boulder County, Colorado, with his family, two horses and four pet goats.

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TED Weekends: A meditation on asteroids

December 23, 2012

In Phil Plait’s talk from TEDxBoulder, “How to defend earth from asteroids,” he astonishes the audience, sharing how a single rock hurtling through space could damage our civilization as we know it. This weekend, TED Weekends on the Huffington Post features Plait’s spine-tingling talk. Below, some of our favorite essays from this edition, about those big […]

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