Peter McIndoe is the brains behind "Birds Aren't Real," the theory that birds are actually drones created by the US government to spy on Americans.

Why you should listen

Home-schooled in a deeply conservative religious community in rural Arkansas, Peter McIndoe wants to explore the "us-versus-them" mentality implicit in conspiracy theories (and currently pervasive in global society). His work has been featured everywhere from The Guardian to 60 Minutes, he has been profiled in Vice and on 60 Minutes. He is currently working on a book, due out in 2024.

Peter McIndoe’s TED talk

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Live from TED2023

Ideas that are way, way out there: Notes on Session 4 of TED2023

April 19, 2023

In a session that was by turns soul-stirring, uproariously funny, deadly serious and brilliantly colorful, seven speakers transported the TED audience to a solar engineering project in outer space, a 24-hour concert and performance, a movement to prove that birds aren’t real and more. The event: Talks from Session 4 of TED2023: Possibility, hosted by […]

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