Pete Alcorn is the head of podcasting for Apple, and a veteran of the paper-publishing industry.

Why you should listen

Pete Alcorn has been in the forefront of several head-snapping changes in media over the past two decades. Starting as a computer-textbook writer in the late '80s, Alcorn became fascinated with the new electronic side of print. He founded NetRead in the early '90s to help book publishers work with metadata and understand the next world of e-publishing.

Since 2005, he has led the podcasting operation at iTunes, bulking up the iTunes Music Store's podcast library with thousands of free (and very findable) titles. Before Apple, he led the sale of ebooks and electronic documents at In his spare time, he thinks big thoughts.

What others say

“Land nobody owns. The twenty-second-century enlightenment.” — Pete Alcorn, via Twitter

Pete Alcorn’s TED talk