Paolo Cardini is a product designer who asks serious questions about how we live — and answers them with whimsical and playful designs.

Why you should listen

Paolo Cardini likes asking some important questions about the way we live, like: Does multitasking actually help us become more efficient? How far will social networking go? Who are the players in the myriad conflicts in the Arab world? What is the next frontier in product development? -- and trying to answer them with playful designs, like his I Like Sit chaise lounge, which updates your Facebook status depending on your position, and MiddleField, a foosball table depicting different players in the Middle East. For TEDGlobal 2012 Cardini created a unique product called the MONOtask project. To help you deal with your overly multitasked life, Cardini has designed 3D-printed smartphone covers that "downgrade" your phone to be much dumber. Download your own cover plans and start monotasking >>

Cardini is currently an MFA Design Assistant Professor at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar.

Paolo Cardini’s TED talk

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