Videre co-founder Oren Yakobovich wields the latest covert recording technology to expose and subvert violent oppression.

Why you should listen

Using recording technology -- some of it so secret you haven’t heard of it yet -- Videre connects with activists deep within the most repressive regimes to video-document human-rights abuses and expose them to worldwide scrutiny. Yakobovich believes that only action by the oppressed communities themselves will temper the worst excesses of their authoritarian governments. 

Videre's name comes from the Latin expression "videre est credere" -- to see is to believe. Previously, Yakobovich (together with Israeli watchdog group B’Tselem) initiated the camera documentation project, which delivered hundreds of cameras to Palestinians to expose the daily realities of life in the West Bank. 

What others say

“My strongest belief in the human-rights struggle is you don't have a big fight, you don't have big wins. It's the small, uphill battles, the small wins that bring about change over time.” — Oren Yakobovich, Wired UK, 2013

Oren Yakobovich’s TED talk

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