Olivier Scalabre

Industrial systems thinker
BCG's Olivier Scalabre analyzes the evolution of large industrial companies' manufacturing footprint and operations.

Why you should listen

Olivier Scalabre heads BCG's Operations Practice for Western Europe, North Africa and South America. In the last three years, he launched BCG Ops Centers serving regions out of Paris, London, and Sao Paolo via 100 experts dedicated to manufacturing, supply chain, procurement and services operations across industries. As part of his career at BCG, Scalabre has worked both in mature and emerging markets, most notably out of the BCG New Delhi and BCG Paris offices.

As a senior partner, Scalabre supports large operations programs for industrial goods clients in multiple sectors. He is also responsible for the overall BCG relationship with clients focused on large-scale engineered products and projects.

Scalabre is a member of the management team of the BCG Paris Office. He is an engineer and studied at École Centrale Paris.

Olivier Scalabre’s TED talk