With a style that crackles with wry wit, writer and artist Oliver Jeffers captivates audiences of all ages.

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Oliver Jeffers is a writer, illustrator and artist. His nineteenth book, The Fate of Faustowas released in 2019 while his eighteenth book, Here We Are, is being adapted into an animated film to be released in 2020. His second picture book, Lost and Found, was adapted into an animated film with Studio AKA and received more than 70 awards, including a BAFTA.

As a fine artist, Jeffers has exhibited several solo shows over the last decade in both London and New York City. He collaborated with U2 on music videos and as an art director (with Es Devlin) on their "Innocence and Experience" tour.

Oliver Jeffers’ TED talk

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How the TED Machine was built

May 1, 2013

When illustrator/storyteller Oliver Jeffers and animator/woodworker Mac Premo get together, sketchbooks travel 60,000 miles, suitcases wander the streets of Brooklyn and sandwiches are skewered with bows and arrows. Jeffers and Premo created the opening video for TED2013 — and its star,  the TED Machine. The TED Machine works like a schedule board in an old […]

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