Nora Flanagan

Nora Flanagan has been teaching high school English in the Chicago Public Schools for over 20 years.

Why you should listen

As an educator, Nora Flanagan priorities include teaching banned books, advocating for the inclusion of comics and graphic novels, working to add more diverse authors and texts to the curriculum and creating more spaces and opportunities to include student voices in school-based decisions.
As a Senior Fellow at the Western States Center, she also researches and organizes against white nationalism. This includes speaking to law enforcement and other government agencies, school administrations, community groups and media outlets about the intersection of bigotry and youth culture. Flanagan recently co-authored Confronting White Nationalism in Schools, a toolkit designed to help schools thoughtfully and effectively respond to incidents of racial hostility and proactively strengthen school communities. This project has been featured in the Washington Post, the New York Times, PBS NewsHour, NPR, The Chicago Tribune and other outlets, as well as conferences and panels across the country. 

Nora Flanagan’s TED talk