Noelle Martin

Noelle Martin advocates for a safer and more just online world.

Why you should listen

Noelle Martin campaigns for better policy, legal and regulatory responses to the global issue of image-based sexual abuse (the non-consensual sharing of intimate images) and deepfakes. She speaks out against victim-blaming and slut-shaming attitudes that often surround this pervasive and insidious problem.

Martin was involved in the law reform efforts across Australia, in New South Wales, Western Australia and at the Commonwealth level, to criminalise image-based sexual abuse.  

Since her TEDxPerth talk, Martin has completed her law degree in Australia and is working towards being admitted as a lawyer. She hopes to use her law degree to fight for justice for victims and survivors of image-based abuse and deepfakes. Her goal is to hold perpetrators and tech companies who fail to take adequate action to combat this abuse to account.

Noelle Martin’s TED talk