Noah Feldman

Constitutional law scholar
Noah Feldman studies the intersection of religion, politics, tech and law.

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Noah Feldman is a Harvard law professor, writer, AI ethicist and tech advisor. Specializing in the intersections between artificial intelligence, technology, governance, ethics and the law, he has spoken to audiences of thousands on stages around the world. He addressed a global audience of 13 million as an expert in the impeachment hearings of then-US President Donald Trump and has appeared many times on CNN, MSNBC, Good Morning America, The Colbert Report, Charlie Rose, Anderson Cooper 360 and other news programs. He is the author of 10 critically acclaimed nonfiction books, including Divided By God, What We Owe Iraq, Cool War, The Broken Constitution and, out in March 2024, Bad Jew: A Perplexed Guide to God, Israel and the Jewish People. A widely read policy and public affairs columnist for Bloomberg Opinion, Feldman also writes for The New York Review of Books and was a contributing writer for the New York Times Magazine for nearly a decade.

After finishing first in his class at Harvard University, Feldman later earned a PhD as a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University. He received his JD from Yale Law School and clerked for Justice David Souter of the US Supreme Court. He currently serves as Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Chair of the Society of Fellows and founding director of the Julis-Rabinowitz Program on Jewish and Israeli Law, all at Harvard University.

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