Drawing inspiration from frugal innovators in emerging markets, Navi Radjou helps businesses with limited resources discover unexpected ways to succeed.

Why you should listen

In the best-selling book Jugaad Innovation, Navi Radjou and his co-authors borrow the Hindi word for improvised solutions to illustrate how organizations can hurdle stubborn challenges with quick thinking, innovative planning and entrepreneurial agility to deliver greater value to clients and consumers worldwide.

Radjou believes that “frugal innovation,” inspired by companies in emerging markets such as India and China, is gradually being adopted in Western economies, and that it "promises to become a unifying element in North-South cooperation in an increasingly interconnected globally economy".

A fellow at Judge Business School at the University of Cambridge, Radjou is a member of the World Economic Forum's Global Agenda Council on Design Innovation and a columnist at the Harvard Business Review.

What others say

“[Radjou and his co-authors] argue convincingly that frugal innovation will change rich countries, too.” — The Economist, 2012

Navi Radjou’s TED talk

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