Naomi Mwaura

Global transport changemaker
Naomi Mwaura is working to promote safe, accessible, sustainable and inclusive mobility in public transit.

Why you should listen

TED Fellow Naomi Mwaura is the founding director of Flone Initiative, an organization that's creating a safe and professional public transport industry in Kenya by influencing behavior change, generating knowledge and movement-building. For the past seven years, Flone Initiative has worked with more than 3,000 public transport workers, over 100 transport stakeholders and 1,000 women professionals to implement interventions. As part of its mission, Flone Initiative hosts the annual Women and Transport Africa Conference.

Mwaura was among the leading organizers of MyDressMyChoice protest against gender-based violence in the Kenyan public transport. She has led research projects that have significantly contributed to the knowledge base of gender and mobility issues in developing cities. She is a coauthor of the Flone Initiative "Gender Sensitive Mini-Bus Services and Transport Infrastructure for African Cities Toolkit" in partnership with UN-Habitat.

Naomi Mwaura’s TED talk