Nadjia Yousif

Technology mentor
BCG's Nadjia Yousif designs and implements programs for large financial services institutions to adapt and thrive in an era of technology disruption.

Why you should listen

As a partner at BCG, Nadjia Yousif helps banks, central banks, payments providers and insurers fundamentally change their technology systems, organizational structures and digital customer experiences. A passionate advocate for empowering individuals -- and technology -- in the workplace, Yousif also leads Diversity & Inclusion for BCG in the UK, where she is based, and has published several articles on topics related to diversity and technology. These include interviews with industry leaders, white papers on topics such as the digital "value trap" for banks and the opportunity around "digitally driven gender diversity." Learn more about Yousif and read her publications here.

Nadjia Yousif’s TED talk

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October 8, 2018

How do we manage the transformations that are radically altering our lives — all while making a positive impact on our well-being, productivity and the world? In a word: reboot. For a seventh year, BCG has partnered with TED to bring experts in leadership, psychology, technology, sustainability and more to the stage to share ideas […]

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