Miru Kim is a fearless explorer of abandoned and underground places. Her photography underscores the vulnerable nature of the human explorer in these no-woman's-lands.

Why you should listen

Miru Kim is a photographer and filmmaker with a love of the new and unknown. In her best-known body of work, she investigates left-behind industrial spaces, infiltrates them with her camera, and then photographs herself in the space, nude. Like Wallace Stevens' jar upon a hill, the presence of her small body brings these massive, damp and dirty, unknown spaces into a new focus.

Extending her aesthetic, she has made a film of Strindberg's A Dream Play set in an abandoned tunnel underneath New York City.

Kim also runs a nonprofit called Naked City Arts to promote young local artists in Manhattan.  

What others say

“Miru Kim is the shyest person you'll ever meet who also happens to take her clothes off in public places.” — David Schonauer, PopPhoto.com

Miru Kim’s TED talk

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