Min Kym began playing the violin at age six. By her teens, she was a full-blown phenomenon, garnering awards and attention, until her career took an unexpected turn.

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At age seven, violinist Min Kym was given a full scholarship at the Purcell School of Music in the UK, becoming the school's youngest-ever pupil. By age 11, she had won first prize at the Premier Mozart International Competition. And by 13, she was playing with the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. At the age of 16, she became the youngest student ever to receive a Foundation Scholarship at the Royal College of Music. Many awards followed.

In 2010, tragedy struck -- Kym's violin, a 1696 Stradivarius, was stolen. Traumatized and unable to play, her career fell apart. In 2013, the violin was recovered, but the story was far from over. Her book, Gone, and her album of the same name tell the story of the intense bond an artist forms with their one "true" instrument.

Kym has just released new music: Minka, a neo-classical project co-written with Dru Masters, an award-winning composer for film and TV.

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