Mick Ebeling founded the Not Impossible Foundation, a nonprofit that develops creative solutions to real-world problems.

Why you should listen

Raised in a family of entrepreneurs and philanthropists, Mick Ebeling is founder of the Not Impossible Foundation, an organization comprised of thinkers, dreamers, and doers, with a mission to take ideas that once seemed impossible to possible, when the right people are connected and empowered. 

After befriending ALS patient and renowned street artist Tempt, he and a team of programmers, hackers, artists and inventors developed the EyeWriter -- a low-cost eye-tracking device that allows artists with the nerve disease ALS to draw using only their eyes. Through his latest initiative, Project Daniel, he helped create a 3D-printed prosthetic lab in Sudan. His new book is Not Impossible: The Art and Joy of Doing What Couldn't Be Done.

He is also the founder of The Ebeling Group, an international production company and creative think tank, representing some of the world's leading design and directing collectives.

He says: "If not now, then when? If not me, then who?" 

What others say

“That was the first time I’ve drawn anything in seven years. I feel like I had been held under water, and someone finally reached down, and pulled my head up so I could take a breath.” — Tempt

Mick Ebeling’s TED talk

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