Michelle Knox

Project and change professional
Westpac's Michelle Knox has led large-scale transformation programs in the UK, Ireland and Australia.

Why you should listen

Michelle Knox currently works in Finance Transformation for Westpac Banking Corporation, Sydney, Australia, leading a team to deliver superior products, services and sustainable change. In a world of constant change and disruption, Knox is passionate about helping others to adapt and thrive by identifying and supporting the unique skills and talents of individuals to create a positive work environment.

Knox is also an avid work traveler and storyteller, often combining these passions to write witty accounts of her adventures in a travel blog.

In 2017, Knox's father passed away from a progressive illness. Through this experience, Knox learned that talking about death and planning for it enabled her father to experience a good death and her family to have a healthy bereavement, something she realized not everyone achieves.

After discussing death with friends, colleagues and complete strangers, Knox realized there was a need to address the way we deal with the most significant change we will all experience: death. With humor and compassion, Knox shares her own experiences and learnings in order to help others. She is living proof that talking about death won’t kill you.

Michelle Knox’s TED talk