Michael Sheen

Actor, Producer, Director, Philanthropist
Michael Sheen is an award-winning Welsh actor known for his extensive work across film, TV and stage.

Why you should listen

A graduate of the Royal Academy of the Dramatic Arts, Michael Sheen's film credits include three films nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture: The Queen, directed by Stephen Frears; Frost/Nixon, directed by Ron Howard; and Midnight in Paris, directed by Woody Allen. His award-winning stage performances include Caligula and Frost/Nixon at the Donmar Theatre and Hamlet at the Young Vic. He also created, co-directed and performed in the groundbreaking three-day live event The Passion in Port Talbot for National Theatre Wales. In 2023, Sheen announced his directorial debut with the BBC series The Way, which he also co-created and produced.

Sheen funds a multitude of charitable projects and in March 2023 launched Mab Gwalia ("Son of Wales"), a fund that brings his charitable and social interests under one banner. Mab Gwalia supports underrepresented individuals in the arts, including low-income students, early career writers and small community-based projects. Sheen is also a UNICEF ambassador, president of the Welsh Council for Voluntary Action and a patron of Social Enterprise UK.

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