Quite simply, Michael Moschen has revolutionized juggling, refining it into an art and a bit of a science. With a few flying balls and well-chosen props he will completely re-wire your notions of the physically possible.

Why you should listen

A high school dropout turned MacArthur "genius grant" recipient, Michael Moschen is an art juggler, spawning scores of imitators and an entire methodology of crystal-ball juggling he likes to call Dynamic Manipulation. (The previously mentioned imitators call it "Contact Juggling," a term that Moschen himself despises.)

With a penchant for discipline, choreography, and catching flying balls -- and using props that include flaming torches, hoops, rods, and a ten-foot plastic triangle enclosure within which he stands, bouncing balls against the sides to achieve incredible patterns and velocities -- he creates illusions of speed and light that push the envelope of what is possible within this age-old circus art. Many of his techniques and routines are showcased in In Motion with Michael Moschen, a program produced in 1991 for National Public Television's Great Performances series.

What others say

“Mr. Moschen is a juggler. But that simple statement, though accurate, fails to do justice to the enchantment of his presentation. Mr. Moschen turns juggling into a fine art, so that it grows akin to dance ... Mr. Moschen creates what could be called a visual music in space with his juggling.” — New York Times

Michael Moschen’s TED talk

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Dance + physics = juggling: Michael Moschen on TED.com

May 8, 2008

Michael Moschen puts on a quietly mesmerizing show of elegant, even artistic juggling. Don’t think juggling is an art? You might just change your mind after watching Moschen in motion. (Recorded March 2002 in Monterey, California. Duration: 37:02.)   Watch Michael Moschen’s talk on TED.com, where you can download it, rate it, comment on it […]

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