Melinda Epler works with the tech industry to solve diversity and inclusion together.

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Melinda Briana Epler has over 25 years of experience developing business innovation and inclusion strategies for startups, Fortune 500 companies and global NGOs.

As CEO of Change Catalyst, Epler currently works with the tech industry to solve diversity and inclusion together. Using her background in storytelling and large-scale culture change, she is a strategic advisor for tech companies, tech hubs and governments around the world. She co-leads a series of global solutions-focused conferences called Tech Inclusion. Epler is also Director of Program Development at Backstage Capital, a venture capital firm, where she develops startup curriculum and builds healthy local and global entrepreneur ecosystems for underestimated founders.

Previously, Epler was a marketing and culture executive and award-winning documentary filmmaker. Her film and television work includes projects that exposed the AIDS crisis in South Africa, explored women's rights in Turkey and prepared communities for the effects of climate change. She has worked on several television shows, including NBC's "The West Wing."

Epler speaks, mentors and writes about diversity and inclusion in tech, allyship, social entrepreneurship, underrepresented entrepreneurs and investing.

Melinda Epler’s TED talk

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