Meaghan Ramsey

Self-esteem advocate
Meaghan Ramsey believes in business growth that stems from real social change.

Why you should listen

Meaghan Ramsey helps businesses and brands shape their operations and organizations in a way that delivers both positive social change and business growth. She is a partner in the Business in Society Practice at the Brunswick Group.

With her origins in nutritional science, Ramsey has worked across FMCG, health as well as food and beverage sectors, and she has consulted to pharmaceutical, media, agricultural, tech start-ups, charities and non-government organizations.

Prior to joining Brunswick, Ramsey was the Global Director of the Dove Self-Esteem Project at Unilever in London. In her role, she developed global education programs and mass-media campaigns that encouraged the participation of millions of young girls and women around the world to improve individual confidence. Her TED Talk and speech at the UN's 59th Commission on the Status of Women helped highlight the importance of this particular work and the urgent need to address it. Ramsey speaks regularly on the role business can, and must, play in creating a sustainable, positive future.