Martin Lockley

Paleontologist Martin Lockley is known for his work on fossil footprints.

Why you should listen

A retired paleontology professor, Martin Lockley has 40 years experience working with fossil footprints of dinosaurs, birds, pterosaurs and human ancestors found during expeditions in western North America, Europe, China, South Korea, South Africa and elsewhere. While he was educated in the UK and was once a track and field athlete for Wales, UK, today Lockley lives in the US, in Colorado's Rocky Mountain high country. He was a longtime professor at the University of Colorado, held roles at the UC Denver Dinosaur Tracks Museum and the Museum of Western Colorado and created a collection of more than 3,000 fossil footprints for the University of Colorado Museum and other institutions.

Lockley is the author of more than 1,000 publications, including a dozen paleontology and evolution books and more than 600 peer-reviewed scientific articles on fossil footprints. In 2020, the South Korean government awarded him the presidential medal for his science and conservation efforts.

Martin Lockley’s TED talk