Martin Danoesastro

Transformation expert
BCG’s Martin Danoesastro supports organizations to change their ways of working at scale, enabling them to succeed in an increasingly digital world.

Why you should listen

Martin Danoesastro supports organizations all over the world to come to a better way of working -- a way that creates alignment around purpose, takes out bureaucracy and empowers people to make decisions faster. He helps large, traditional organizations learn from digital innovators and replace their old departmental silos with organizations built around small, empowered, persistent, multi-disciplinary teams. 

Danoesastro is a Managing Director and Senior Partner of Boston Consulting Group, based in the firm's Amsterdam office. He leads DigitalBCG in Western Europe, Africa and South America. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management and an MSc in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology.

Martin Danoesastro’s TED talk

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