As a scientist, activist and policymaker, Marcelo Mena has dedicated his life to initiating and guiding the environmental policies and international initiatives that are most likely to transform and rejuvenate our world.

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As Chilean Minister of Environment Marcelo Mena played a pivotal role in the nation's landmark agreement to phase out coal power generation and in creating South America’s first carbon taxes for power generation and new car sales. He also helped establish 45,000 square kilometers of national parks and protect 1.3 million square kilometers of ocean. His office led the development and adoption of the Escazu Agreement on Environmental Justice, which has been ratified by more than a dozen countries in Latin America. During his time at the World Bank, Mena helped create the Finance Ministers for Climate Action and the Adaptation and Resilience Action Plan.

At Global Methane Hub, Mena is leading a first-of-its-kind philanthropic alliance to support methane emissions reduction around the world, which has delivered 100 million dollars in funding to engage with more than 152 countries, covering 70 percent of all methane emissions.

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