As the host of the "TED Radio Hour," Manoush Zomorodi explores fascinating ideas, astonishing inventions and new ways to think and create with the world's most remarkable minds.

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Manoush Zomorodi's passion and expertise lie in investigating how technology is transforming humanity. She is the author of Bored and Brilliant: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Spacing Out, which explores the fascinating side of boredom. In 2018, she cofounded Stable Genius Productions, a media company aimed at helping people navigate personal and global change. Its first project is ZigZag, a show about the changing culture of business and work.Zomorodi is also the creator and host of Note to Self, "the tech show about being human," which is a coproduction with WNYC Studios. The show was named "Best Tech Podcast of 2017" by the Academy of Podcasters. She’s won numerous awards, including two Gracies for Best Radio Host. She has two kids who still enjoy her company. For now.

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TED Audio Collective

The ZigZag Project launches from the TED Audio Collective

March 25, 2021

ZigZag, a business podcast about being human hosted by Manoush Zomorodi (who also hosts TED Radio Hour with NPR), returns March 25 with its sixth season in the form of The ZigZag Project. The latest iteration of the show takes listeners on a journey to discover new ways to align business ambitions with systemic change […]

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