Manish Bhardwaj believes that moral clarity should guide how we use science, engineering and technology to create a more just world.

Why you should listen

Manish Bhardwaj believes that enduring justice requires framing issues in moral terms. Disciplines such as science, technology, innovation and design might be powerful tools, but they can't tell us what the world ought to be or how we should use them to create a better world. Such insights are concerns of moral clarity, he says. This focus has formed the foundation of Bhardwaj's teaching at Princeton, where he has taught about moral clarity, idealism and the nature of justice and injustice.

Bhardwaj is the CEO of Innovators In Health (IIH), a nonprofit committed to ensuring high-quality health care for the rural poor in India. Over the past decade, IIH has served close to 100,000 patients with tuberculosis and maternal health challenges. Bhardwaj is also a fellow of the Dalai Lama Center for Ethics and Transformative Values at MIT, his alma mater.

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