Makhtoum Abdalla

Education rights champion
Makhtoum Abdalla is passionate about equal access to quality education for all children and young people.

Why you should listen

From Nyala, South Darfur in the western part of Sudan, Makhtoum Abdalla believes investment in education is strategic for any country that wishes to progress. While growing up in a camp for internally displaced people, he continued to raise awareness on education, child rights, improvement in health services and investments in young people. He taught himself English, Turkish and is currently learning French and Spanish. His dream is to become a doctor to ensure the health care system advances equitable access for all. As a UNICEF Youth Advocate, he uses his voice to inspire other young people to learn, strive towards their goals and reimagine a brighter future. "Education can take us from the darkness to light," he says.

Makhtoum Abdalla’s TED talk

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