Maira Kalman's wise, witty artworks have appeared on numberless New Yorker covers, in dozens of her own books and in many museums around the world.

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You might know Maira Kalman for her distinctly drawn storybooks, her New Yorker covers, her illustrated version of Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style — or for her many other authored titles. She blends a childlike delight with an adult's wry take on the world in work containing carefully observed moments and briskly captured insights. With her late husband, the designer Tibor Kalman, she spent several decades designing objects (notably watches and clocks) and publications at the pioneering design studio M&Co.
Playful and irreverent, Kalman has established herself as a cultural force. She has published more than 30 books and exhibited at numerous museums, including the 2017 installation Sara Berman’s Closet at the Metropolitan Museum, created with her son Alex Kalman, founder of MMuseuMM. Restlessly creative, she has created fabrics for Kate Spade and Isaac Mizrahi, sets for Mark Morris and performed in ballets for John Heginbotham.

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