Mainak Mazumdar

Data and research expert
Mainak Mazumdar is a leading expert of technology-led disruption in media and consumer behavior.

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Since the beginning of the commercial internet in the 1990s, Mainak Mazumdar has been studying the impact of technology on media as well as building media and advertising measurement products to help businesses succeed. At Nielsen, he leads the data science and AI function responsible for building the media measurement and analytics platform.

Previously, Mazumdar led data science teams in DoubleClick (a division of Google), GfK, Simulmedia and ad-tech startups. He holds a bachelor's in international economics from the American College, Switzerland, and has completed his master's and doctorate studies in demography from Brown University. He is a steering committee member at the Kilts Center for Marketing, Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago and sits on the General Assembly Data Science Standards board. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son and two dogs.

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