Mai Lan is a French-Vietnamese artist and musician.

Why you should listen

Mai Lan is an artist from Paris. She sang and co-wrote the four songs on M83’s latest album Junk, including their single "Go!" which she performed on Jimmy Kimmel. She also toured the world with M83.

Mai Lan and her longtime collaborator Max Labarthe worked on her album Autopilote with Nick Sylvester, the American producer behind Shamir's "Ratchet" and other outsider pop gems. Rather than bridging their French-English gap, they embraced it. A big chunk of Mai Lan’s solo album is in English, which is not her native tongue. Words that shouldn't go together somehow do with her. But you don't need to know French or English or much of anything to believe in Mai Lan or know what she wants us to feel: happy, free, a little more crazy, a little less alone.

(Photo: Quentin Curtat for PANAMÆRA)

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