Lvcas Fiat finds inspiration at the intersection of science, conservation and design. Whether focused on monumental trees or microscopic bugs, his work reveals the often unnoticed beauty of wildlife.

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For Lvcas Fiat, uninteresting science does not exist. Amazed by the teeming and vibrant life he observed on a trip to the Atlantic Forest in Brazil, he left a career in advertising to join Projeto Mantis, an independent agency devoted to research, conservation and wildlife photography. As the organization's director of arts and communication, he applies his expertise in design and marketing to conservation and science outreach projects. All the same, you're just as likely to find him lurking in the rainforest looking for insects as at a desk staring into a computer.

Fiat also heads up Ooteca, an agency working with nature-related institutes and initiatives to boost the impact of their work. His mission: to use design to expand our perception and understanding of the world.

Lvcas Fiat’s TED talk

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