Lucy Farey-Jones is obsessed with what makes people embrace or reject new things.

Why you should listen

As the founder of Register, a strategic design consultancy, Lucy Farey-Jones works with clients from start-ups to public companies that have one thing in common: they want to shake up their category. Her behavior change work also extends to nonprofits. Her work on the Montana Meth Project was so successful in driving down teen meth that it was played on the floor of Congress and was adapted for 14 states. She is currently working with The Nature Conservancy of California.

Before starting Register, Farey-Jones was a cofounder and chief strategy officer at Venables Bell & Partners (VB&P), where she led strategy for Audi for 11 years, helping them to double market share. Under her leadership, VB&P also launched the highly successful #OptOutside campaign for REI, which closed down all of their stores and challenged Americans to get outside on Black Friday. All in all, Farey-Jones's work has garnered 12 EFFIES across seven categories for outstanding marketing effectiveness.

Lucy Farey-Jones’ TED talk

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