She made her name following the dollars in terrorist networks, but now Loretta Napoleoni is on the trail of something far more sinister — the gray zone where crime and unregulated credit meet.

Why you should listen

Once it was easy to know where our money was going. Now we live under a system Loretta Napoleoni has dubbed "rogue economics," where the blurry histories of the products we consume and the cash we invest make us complicit in financing barely legal credit schemes -- and even crime, if it's the slavery producing the beans for our lattes or the guts of our mobile phones.

The reach of the newly global market, as Napoleoni argues in her new book, Rogue Economics: Capitalism's New Reality, connects us all to the dark side, regardless of our intentions to be responsible  -- and, she says, our deep connection to fishy credit and unregulated finance has laid the groundwork for the current economic crisis. Her previous book, Terror Incorporated, dives into the true economic impact of terrorism.

What others say

“Napoleoni argues that the crisis won't end until the excesses of globalization -- which include growing criminal markets in sex slaves and counterfeit drugs -- are brought under control.” — Temma Ehrenfeld, Newsweek

Loretta Napoleoni’s TED talk

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