Khulan Batkhuyag

Communication strategist, environmental activist
Khulan Batkhuyag helps consumers, businesses and countries create healthier and earth-friendly behavioral changes.

Why you should listen

Khulan Batkhuyag is a communication strategist who began her career consulting for commercial businesses on branding and marketing. During her eight years of service in the private sector, she worked as a marketing consultant for companies in health management, retail, banking and finance. She also consulted on a development projects communication program for a state-owned enterprise during its IPO.

After working in the private sector, she focused on knowledge sharing as an influential tool to help consumers create healthier and earth-friendly behavioral changes. Outside work, she has been voluntarily advocating project management knowledge and building a project managers community in Mongolia to support young professionals' sustainability in the country. Khulan is on a mission to deliver effective communication programs designed to advocate for sustainable development in emerging countries. She is a regular guest speaker at nationwide project management conferences and symposiums in Southeast Asian countries.

Khulan Batkhuyag’s TED talk